Zip Line FunZip Lines can vary from a simple extension to backyard play area for kids to a screaming ride for the extreme thrill seeker.   Most applications fall somewhere in between.   Zip Line World provides custom zip line solutions that are easy to rig and fun to ride.


No two zip lines are exactly alike.   Local terrain, distance between anchor points, type of anchor, and the weight of the riders are only some of the variables that come into play when designing a zip line.    


Our experience in designing and rigging zip lines has allowed us to create a configurable solution.  You don't need to concern yourself with the complex mathematics and engineering that goes into optimizing a zip line for safety and fun.  Simply answer a few questions to arrive at a custom zip line configuration perfect for you.  


Zip Line World can provide you with a complete zip line package, ready to be rigged and ridden.   Or we can provide a comprehensive materials list for the do-it-yourselfer who would prefer to source their own materials.   Both the complete package and the materials list package come with Zip Line World's rigging instructions.   The instructions will save you hours of frustrating trial and error as your kids or friends wait impatiently for you to get it right. Don't waste your valuable time.


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